Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Food Diary

So, my care co-ordinator is worried that I may be developing a co morbid eating disorder. . . To confirm or deny her suspicions she wants me to keep a food diary, which is basically just where you record exactly what and when you have to eat, as well as this she wants me to note down whenever I am sick . . .

Now this sounds all very simple but it's actually extremely hard to do. Now meals are easy to take a note - simply as your cooking or cleaning just make a note of it, but its the snacks that are so difficult to add in. And I snack A LOT. Even just today so far I've forgotten to add in 3 snacks, and the problem is it's really difficult to get the time right when you add them in afterwards.

Anyway that's it for today's post, mainly just another introductory post so you all know what I'm going on about later in the blog.

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