Thursday, 25 August 2011

Introducing Presence #1: The Silent Woman

I mentioned a few posts ago that my most common breakthrough symptom was the feeling of presences. I thought I'd use this post to elaborate a bit. They are presences in their most agreeable state as it were, A few nights ago I was out with some friends and one of the presences came to the foreground.

Now since none of them have ever named themselves I refer to them by a characteristic and what they feel like, luckily this night it is someone I refer to as the silent women because she rarely if ever says very much. I say luckily because she is generally nice tempered and often will try and protect me or stand up for me against other presences, however this time it was like she was arguing with one of the others, although I could only hear her side of the conversation.

I when I say hear I mean hear, I had to check with my friend if it was real or not (a technique known as sound boarding). A lot of people fell that these voices "are in the head" and that it's easy to tell if it's real or not - well it isn't. Anyway she didn't say a lot of interest mainly things along the lines of "I've finished my shift and you start on me" and "Don't call me a bitch".

This whole experience lasted an hour or so, but can often go on for much longer and be alot more intense and distressing if other presences surface. However that's a tale for another day . . .

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