Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hypomania/Mania: An Overview

So today I want to talk a little bit about mania and its little brother hypomania (which is just a less severe form of mania). There are a lot of misconceptions about mania, that it's good, that it's simply feeling too happy - And to an extent these a true, but not in the way that they are usually used. It's true that it feels good, but the feeling of euphoria generally only lasts a short while before it turns into dysphoria. Dysphoria is where you are constantly over stimulated. It feels horrible - It's like you can't slow down no matter how hard you try, you have all these ideas but you can't catch any of them.

And the dysphoria is the most harmless thing about mania, I also tend to get feelings of invincibility which leads me to risky activities such as drugs and unprotected sex (Not to mention your sex drive is completely through the  roof which leads to sleeping around with many different people anyway). As well as the risky behaviours there are the stupid ones, such as feeling so invincible you try to take of speeding buses, jump of 10ft high walls etc.

As well as all this you can't sleep either, so there is no escape - there are techniques for coping with mania but that's for another post. I also tend to spend ridiculous amounts of money - for example I've spent over £100 on alcohol in one night, and over £60 trying to win an I love you teddy bear, I know this might nto seem alot to many readers but at the time I had no income and was already in debt, this can leave you with crippling debt after your manic episode.

All in all manic episodes are not fun and are in fact extremely dangerous, especially as they are very hard for the sufferer to recognise.

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