Thursday, 1 September 2011

Introducing Visual Hallucination #1: Patch the Friendly Dog

So, recently I've been getting a new visual hallucination. Its of a bright white dog with a black patch over his left eye. I don't see him very often but it's always nice when I do. The problem with Patch is that he seems to take the place of real dogs, When I am down my local park I see humans walking their dogs but the dogs always looks like Patch. Which makes it difficult to know if the humans are real too. This is where the problem occurs, so far nothing has happened yet but if one of the humans were to ever acknowledge me I don't know what I would do - If I say Hi back and they aren't real it will look odd, but if I ignore them it will look odd to.

This is always the dilemma going in the mind of a sufferer of psychosis, trying to work out which things are real and which ones aren't - It's truly exhausting. Though there are a range of techniques designed to help, but that I feel is for another post.

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